bear the pain
it’s not even yours
it’s just a trick
of your messed up mind
pulled out in an emergency c-section
it has undergone fetal surgery
in her womb
your ideas were so inappropriate that
they believed something’s terribly wrong with you

and they always try to fix what’s abnormal
only you were so different
they couldn’t conceive the thought of it
and instead
they made your brain sound impossible
they’ve anaesthetized and drilled in for hours
thinking that you wouldn’t feel a thing.
how mistaken they were
your neurons screaming, your cells unable to be heard or understood
just laying there at their disposal
like any other laboratory mouse

they even thought surgery went well
expecting full recovery
only you weren’t healing
like they were expecting it
when your ideas emerged again
they’ve seen the procedure
to be utterly useless
and then they got pissed
so angry at your freedom of expression
and unanimously decided
that emergency c-section
that pulled your baby brain out
when it was too young to survive on its own
(they just wanted to study it, really)
so you were put in a radiant warmer
the incubator of their narrow minds
where they thought they’ll finally constraint your exquisiteness
and feed you with their sickening fluids of mediocrity
so you can grow
to be just as normal and stupid and mean

but bear the pain
a little while longer
normality is just a phase
your premature mind will grow out of it
as soon as they take you out
thinking you’ll finally fixed
just pretend to be normal dear brain
bear the pain
and you’ll be set free


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